PT Cruiser Seat Covers Rear



We can now obtain a very wide range of Seat Covers Front and Rear made for the PT so the fitting is perfect. Great selection of Colours and Designs

Duramax Tweed
Madera Velour
Plush Regal Velour
Southwest Sierra Tweed
Camouflage  2-Tone
Camouflage  Solid    –in stock front only –  rear can be ordered
Cool Mesh
Hawaiian 2-Tone
Genuine Neoprene 2-Tone as fitted to my Woody
Blue/Black    –        in stock front and rear
Charcoal/Black   –  in stock front only –  rear can be ordered
Red/Black   –            in stock front and Rear

Pictured is the Red/Black Genuine Neoprene 2-Tone Fits 2001-2005


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Weight 2 kg


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