Xenon Rear Bumper Cover 2001to 2005

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Xenon Rear Bumper Cover 2001 to 2005


Xenon Urethane Rear Bumper Covers are individually designed for your PT Cruiser and come ready to prep and paint. These urethane parts are easily painted to match your vehicle body color before installation. Complete prepping, priming, and painting instructions are included in each kit. Paint to match your body color Complete painting instructions included Made to individualise your PT Cruiser, this rear bumper cover from Xenon will set you apart from the rest. Note: Due to the manufacturing tolerances of the PT Cruiser, some rear bumper covers may need to have the inside upper portion sanded down slightly for the rear hatch to close properly. You may also have to extend your exhaust system tips up to 2′ in length to make them visible and lower them 1/2′ to prevent overheating the lower portion of the bumper cover.

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